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FID Paris is a visionary furniture brand that transcends convention with unique creations that combine aesthetics, functionality and an eco-responsible commitment to improving quality of life.

The evolution of a visionary

Sahar Famouri, founder of FID Paris, embodies a bold vision and a passion for the art of living. Her is a tale of determination, passion and a relentless and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Industrial designer, passionate about design, objects, colors and creativity creation, her career has been rich in experience experience in various fields of design: from art direction from artistic direction to furniture design, including and interior architecture.
"I want to create a line that encourages you to "BECOME THE CREATOR CREATOR" of your living space by giving you the key to bring your uniqueness and imagination into your everyday life. "


A brand, a signature

Between contemporary minimalism and subtle luxury, each piece is meticulously designed to and allow you to tell your story. Well than just a furniture brand, FID Paris is an artistic an artistic statement that transcends that transcends convention and breaks trends. The collections combine, marry, build and personalize, assembled and disassembled according to emotions and spaces.


FID suggests the next era in contemporary contemporary furniture, setting new standards setting new standards in the world of design. At standards, our distinctive furniture is created created by you, for you, and tailored to your style.
FID Paris sofa in a living room

Inspiration, Design & Philosophy

For Sahar Famouri, every experience is a source of inspiration for her creations - architecture, art, nature - creating a dialogue between aesthetics and functionality.
At the heart of the FID Paris philosophy lies a commitment to innovation, quality and respect for craftsmanship. It's an invitation to rethink space, to reimagine everyday life through the prism of contemporary design. Sahar Famouri's creative process is rooted in a commitment to eco-responsibility that goes far beyond the materials she chooses, impacting her entire ecosystem with 100% European manufacturing. She designs and produces her furniture with the aim of improving the quality of life.

Sofa assembly with FID Paris
Crokie sofa at FID

Durability & Manufacturing

Fid's identity is based on dynamic design, taking into account a product's entire life cycle, from creation and distribution to
adaptation in the customer's home. Manufacturing quality and respect for the environment remain one of our main objectives. FID Paris favors European manufacturing, and its strength and influence also come from its alliance with passionate manufacturers and craftsmen who share the same objective as the brand: to design and manufacture harmonious, convivial and sustainable furniture to improve quality of life.

Green carpet for FID sofa creation
Green sofa in a living room

Mobilier haut de gamme personnalisable : DO IT YOURSELF !

We can manufacture the product in the color of your choice. Simply provide us with your RAL color code, or choose from a wide range of upholstery colors and finishes. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant neutrals or subtle pastels, FID's extensive palette ensures that your furniture will complement your unique taste.

Crafted with precision and passion, the FID collection offers endless possibilities for creating pieces that perfectly suit your style and space.


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